Best Tips On The Use Of Uber Multiple Stops

Best Tips On The Use Of Uber Multiple Stops

Uber has currently added another feature for solving a challenge that almost every passenger could have experienced at one point. The problem in question can be witnessed when an individual wants to pick up a friend on the way to their preferred destination. That was then when uber was allowing the rider to book the vehicle from point A, and move only to point B. This can now be treated as an option as uber has come up with a new feature called add-a-stop. This feature allows uber customers to add a total of three stops before coming to an end of their journey. The main focus of this article is to inform you how you can use uber multiple stops to move from place to place without necessarily changing the application details for multiple times.

Addition of multiple stops and making round trips

In the recent past managing, multiple stops on Uber was difficult, almost impossible. The uber firm had an obligation of bringing up a solution to this by themselves. The main aim of taking such action was to prevent the customers from dropping off and picking another uber before reaching their destination. This was the key contributor of uber to rag behind, unlike other carbs like Lyft, which already had multiple stops and round trips. Today, Uber is offering multiple stops, which have been added to a total of at most three stops. For every stop, the Uber driver waits not for more than 3 minutes. The feature enables uber customers to easily pick and drop friends or go for a round trip. There are some tips that an individual must know when it comes to the application of the Uber’s new feature, as outlined below.

Way of coming up with uber multiple stops

To qualify for multiple stops on the uber trip, you will be supposed to;
Press where to? On your home screen, follow this by Pressing the plus (+) sign, which marks the end of your application. It is crucial to keep in mind that one can only add up to a total of 3 trips and in case a mistake is made, press the X to cancel the stop.

Addition of extra stop after the start of a trip

In the case where something comes up while you are in the middle of your trip, and you need to add a stop, on the bottom side of your screen, tap the driver’s infobox. This is followed by tapping add a stop or change the destination in your current trip area. If more time or mileage is added to your trip, it may lead to an increase in the cost of the trip.

Addition of multiple stops for round trip

Before the multiple destinations, round trips with Uber have been very difficult. Customers had to book two uber as drivers could not stop for long, and some could even deny customers that service.

The multiple stop feature has been a relief of stress to uber customers because it saves them money and time. This has made Uber more reliable. Even with this feature being invented, Uber drivers can terminate the trip if the stop takes more than 3 minutes

Ways of taking a uber round trip

  • To have a round trip on Uber trip;
  • Press “where to?” On your home screen.
  • In the second row enter the location of your journey
  • Press the plus (+) sign and add the final destination.

This has made it easy to go for a round trip without losing your driver to another request. The customer should be aware that even in the round trip if a stop takes more than 3 minutes, the driver can cancel the ride. The round trips on uber are cheaper than when customers had to book other uber to finish their trips.

General use of multiple stops

  • Dropping and picking friends
  • Dropping off a letter to a mailbox or package to a shipping store
  • Buying items in stores
  • Going on a round trip

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