5 Best Suvs For Uberxl Drivers

5 Best SUVS For UBERXL Drivers

As the transportation industry is expanding, so does the need for more rideshare drivers. Uber is one of the leading companies in the industry, has opened up opportunities for drivers by having several options for them. Every option has its vehicle requirements that drivers have to meet. The specifications are usually based on the model and size.

Uber XL is one of the most affordable options with a size capacity for larger groups. If you have been considering being an UberXL driver, but you are unaware of the kind of vehicle that would best fit your services, read on, the article has some top picks for you.

🚙 Uber XL size

Uber XL seats accommodate a larger group of riders in an SUV or minivan. The cost of this uber option is higher than that of UberX, but it ends up being low when the group cost shares. It is the right and affordable option for a family or a group of 5 or more riders.

It is not apparent the type of car you choose while traveling, let’s say while going to the airport because you are traveling in a group and with bulky luggage. Generally, you can opt to call for an UberX ride, but this option should only be workable if you are two and with a regular amount of luggage.

However, if you are more than two, with each having bulky luggage, no other option would be suitable for you than an UberXL option. This is the better option as the UberXL boot size is more significant as compared to UberX while the car is spacious, allowing you to be more comfortable with your crew.

There is a high demand for UberXL cars, and drivers should take advantage. To maximize this market, stay in areas where you expect to have big groups like in the airport.

Therefore, before purchasing an Uber X car, make sure the vehicle has a third row with a minimum of 6 seats. On top of that, a sizeable UberXL boot size is a plus for you.

Best SUV cars for UberXL

After careful considerations and narrowing down the approved UberXL vehicles, these are the five top picks:

Toyota highlander

Toyota Highlander
Toyota Highlander

If you wish to enjoy a great SUV car choice, consider the Toyota Highlander. Though it costs around $25000, the monthly expenses generated by the price of the car can balance out when the gas mileage is considered.

It has a gas mileage of 20mpg in the city and up to 25mpg on the highway. The luxury grade SUV can accommodate seven riders who can sit comfortably. Overall, this car model may improve your tips.

Cadillac Escalade

Cadillac EscaladeA full-size Escalade is an excellent choice for this business. For your riders to turn up at an occasion in an Escalade is incredible as arriving in a limousine.

It is even more of a wise decision if you buy a black Escalade as it will qualify for UberXL but also UberBlack and UberSuv.

The fuel economy for this model is a flaw with a 25-mile fuel cost of around $5.15, and its price tag of $74695 is on the higher side. However, Escalade is a status car that commands respect on the road, and it surely will earn you great reviews from your riders.

Lincoln MKT

Lincoln Mkt
Lincoln Mkt

The Lincoln MKT boasts of its high-end features, which can’t be ignored. It makes it a fantastic option for UberXL drivers.

Though it is a newer model, it costs around $28000. On a regular UberXL, you can expect to get about 16mpg and 24mpg in the city and on the highway consecutively.

Riders will enjoy a quiet cabin environment; however, you may not enjoy the rear visibility.

Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer
Ford Explorer

This is a roomy SUV that you should check out. It has advanced features, a comfortable and quiet cabin, which explains why it has a price tag of $30000.

While traveling, you can expect it to deplete 18.6 gallons of the gas tank for every 19miles in town and 27 miles on the highway.

It boasts its amazing cargo space behind the third row. However, this cargo space reduced the legroom a bit. Overall, Ford has the right UberXL size for your group transfers.

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