Gett Vs Uber How The Two Apps Compare

Gett vs Uber – How The Two Apps Compare

Almost everyone in London will recommend Uber as the cheaper travel hailing service. But how many have tried using Black cab? Well, if you consider using a black cab, you will note that when you book it with the Gett app, the fare can be relatively lower than Uber, perhaps up to 50%. Arguably, Uber and Gett are two popular companies in the UK, ranking at number 1 and 2, respectively. The aspects of Uber ranking at number one are geared by media pundits, several users, and investors. So among the two apps, which one is the best? Well, read on this article to know how the two apps compare.


One aspect that differentiates the two apps is their pricing. Both are affordable in various ways. We will discuss this factor in two different ways as follows;

–    When there is no surge pricing

When there is no surge in pricing, the Uberx option is the cheapest in London, which is approximately 40% cheaper than the Gett counterpart. For example, with UberX, you can be charged £7.50, a distance between Green Park and King’s road. Someone that used Gett for the same distance would pay around £11.80, which is a 2.5-mile trip that requires about 10 to 25 minutes. If you do research, you will find that from Green Park to Kind’s Road, Clapham, Putney high street, Hampstead high street, or South Kensington; the UberX fare will range from 34% to 39% lower than the Gett option. This is especially when the surge pricing is unavailable.

There is also a difference when using more substantial car services. For example, If you use UberXL to travel the same 2.5 miles, you will be expected to pay approximately £11. If you consider using the Gett XL option, you will pay around £11.50, which is slightly higher than the Uber. That said, we can argue that the fare of the black cab and the UberX Prius car is not fair at all. Why is that the case? Well, a modern black cab is generally nicer and more spacious than the Prius. When the Gett black cab is compared to UberExec (Audi A6/8, Jaguar X, Tesla S, BMW 5/8, or Mercedes S/E), the Gett option is relatively cheaper by up to 15%.

–    When there is surge pricing

When there is surge pricing, and the UberX option exceeds or hits 1.7X, it will be better if you consider using the Gett black cab perhaps for a fixed rate. Just note that in the rush hour or during the weekends it is common to find the Uber fare 2X the standard charge. Uber regular users understand that there is a surge in pricing, especially when there is high demand. This surging notion happens when there are several riders, making more Uber drivers use their car to offer the service. Whatsoever the surging idea is, the analysis of Uber vs Gett changes dramatically. For example, from Green Park to Putney high street, you will pay £21.05 using Gett and £13.00 using UberX. If there is surge pricing, 1.7X, 2X, or 3X, then you will pay £22.10, £26.00, and £39.00 respectfully.

One extra factor that makes Gett a cheaper option is its fixed rates. This means you will not be asked to pay extra when there is traffic. On the other hand, Uber charges do vary depending on some situations. If you are stuck in a traffic jam, then your Uber bill can be relatively higher than your first fare estimate.


Maybe many passengers prioritize price over comfort and are overwhelmed by the Prius services rather than a black cab. According to the research done by Apple App Store, many people seem to download Uber. Thus, Uber beats Gett ranking at the number one most downloaded hailing app in the UK, where Gett takes the 31st position.


In the UK, it can be hard to choose between the two apps because both companies were launched to offer exceptional services to riders. If you are looking forward to having a luxurious ride, then it will be better if you choose UberExec, which offers premium cars for a reasonable price. If you only need to travel from one point to another, then Gett can be the right option due to its quick response time and fixed prices.

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