List Of Cars Used For Uber Exec In The Uk

List Of Cars Used For Uber Exec In The UK

Are you tired of using UberX or Uber black and want to upgrade and offer your customers a professional, more comfortable, and classic ride? Well, your hustle is over because, in London, there are a couple of Uber exec cars designed to take your ride to the next level. With Uber exec, you are going to make a few trips compared to Uber X and Uber Black. Despite that, this car option can earn you a lot of money compared to other alternatives. So what is Uber exec and which car options can you consider buying? Well, this article seeks to give a list of cars utilized for Uber exec in the UK.

What is Uber exec?

When you hear about Uber exec, a definition of a luxurious car should always come into your mind. Typically, they are premium cars aimed to offer elite transport services. The car must be a 2014 or newer model with all-leather interiors.

Why consider Uber exec?

–    Impress your customers with premium services

–    Get to a business meeting on time comfortable and relaxed.

–    Enjoy the commute

–    Helps offer airport trips

Best cars for Uber exec

  • Audi A7

Audi A7
Audi A7

At a glance, Audi A7 is one of the best Uber exec models that come with a refined nature, sleek profile, and amazing line between hatchback and sedan. It is a standard all-wheel drive and a V-6 turbocharged powertrain that offers a faster acceleration. It also possesses a cool cabin space for the clients that boast unlimited luxuries and cutting-edge technology. Although other Audi cars fit for the Uber exec category, this option has more space for cargo and fastback profile, making it more practical and visually different. Surprisingly, it provides unique road accessibility and can captivate drivers when there is a spiral ahead.

  • BMW 5 series sport

Bmw 5 Series Sport
Bmw 5 Series Sport

Another eligible Uber exec in London is the BMW 5 series sport with an innovative design to offer stunning services to the passengers. They are relatively larger and expensive than three series. It is a definition of quality and luxury with a unique sporty character. It is not only fun and comfortable to ride but also comes with an engine that offers an impressive balance between economy and performance. It does not come with a manual gearbox; however, the available automatic option is arguably the best.

  • Jaguar XF series

Jaguar Xf Series
Jaguar Xf Series

If you are looking for a great luxurious midsize car for Uber, then this is definitely a great choice. It is available in wagon and sedan body style, all of them having a remarkable cargo space for the class. The option has a three working power train option, and the base engine models have fantastic gas mileage ratings. All the seats are spacious and comfortable, which is something a rider would want in Uber exec cars.

  • Mercedes S class

Mercedes S Class
Mercedes S Class

Mercedes-Benz S class has been a true definition of what a luxurious car should be. This is because of its outstanding performance and elegant look. For your Uber needs, it is the right option due to its dignified coupe, spacious sedan, lavish convertible, and the latest technology. This model will perform well and keep you comfortable and relaxed throughout the trip. The car interior design can please a sultan, and its presence on the road is unmistakably majestic. Indeed, it is an expensive model, but considering how much you will make with it will leave you overwhelmed.

  • Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S
Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is another excellent all-electric Uber exec car option. It combines luxurious, high performance, high-technology cabin, tailpipe emissions, and immense refinement. Compared to the BMW 5 series, Tesla model S works like a Fender Stratocaster with a tremendous amplifier. This five-seat saloon and four-door option is the car that popular entrepreneurs like Elon Musk use during business meetings and for his trips. Whenever you need to travel somewhere for emergency reasons, this option is addictively fast with 304 miles and 393 miles for 75D and 100D respectively.


As you can see, there are wide selections of Uber exec cars in the market. You need to be certain that the car you consider buying is approved to offer Uber services. With the above few samples of Uber exec cars, it is easy to make an informed decision.

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